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Crop Copter's story


Since 2013, Crop Copter™ has been directly involved with UAV technology, ships, and their applications in Agriculture.  Founded by Midwest Corn and Soybean growers, Crop Copter TM, has sold and serviced hundreds of Commercial Grade UAV’s in 37 States and 7 Countries.  As they have grown, Crop Copter has added over 50 agriculture based, UAV specialized dealers in 16 States.  As the UAV industry evolves, so must Crop Copter’s mission. 

In 2016, many Farmers and folks in Agribusiness will be making their First Flights™ with UAVs and associated technology.  Many of these new users realize that they need an entry level UAV that comes with superior training and brand unbiased straight talk.  Far too many potential UAV users are being promised limitless functionality and exaggerated capabilities of these entry level UAVs.  Expectations for these entry level ships are being set to compete with Commercial Grade UAVs.  Farmer and Agribusiness confusion about the industry is abundant.  We have heard loud and clear there needs to be an alternative to the slick talk and pay to learn about UAV meetings.  Crop Copter is ready to answer that call.

Crop Copter is the only unbiased, entry level UAV supplier in Agriculture.  Having flown most every entry level platform available, our offerings are proven and chosen for specific characteristics and qualities.  Each platform is simple to operate and affordable to own.  Every purchase comes with a full service support and repair team that has over 34 combined years of professional UAV/RC customer service and repair experience.  Crop Copter has no hidden agenda and no entry level UAV brand allegiances.  We do not make any of the products we sell, rather act as your distributor of entry level UAVs kits and your service center when needed.  We understand there is a difference between entry level and commerical grade technology and are eager to help educate, sell and service both groups of users.   

Our experience with Crop Copter and the Commercial Grade UAV market allow us also to know the difference between real data and sensor solutions and those that just are a little too good to be true.  NDVI, thermal imaging, Lidar and other sensors commonly used in Agriculture with UAVs have very defined capabilities, algorithms and standards associated with them.  Talking a standard RGB camera on an entry level UAV and manipulating it and calling it NDVI is not real or accurate.  You will not hear Crop Copter making claims like the example above or pretending what we sell and service is something that it is not.  Should you want something focused on precision data collection with the above mentioned sensors, we will steer you towards our Crop Copter Commercial Brand UAV products.

Just straight talk about entry level UAVs.  Wait no longer. 

Crop Copter Farm Ready UAVs:  Simple, Affordable, Farm Ready UAVs